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Welcome to 2015

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Welcome to 2015
by John Wright - Thursday, 29 January 2015, 2:27 PM
Hi everyone. 
Firstly welcome to a brand new year of learning - 2015; you may be just starting at our school, or infact, like some of our Year 13s, just finishing your time at schools. This year is really great opportunity for us all, yes even me too, to continue to learn and grow in everything we do within our school. This means being our very best in everything we do - not just in our classrooms, but on the sporting fields, arts areas, technologies (and the list goes on), and also of course whenever we are out and about in our community. They all see us a Mercury Bay Area School folks.
I love it when I talk with young people and our staff about their key goals for the year; these give a really clear purpose to our time at school this year. Think wisely about these, set them high and go for them. I look forward to sharing our learning culture with you all as the year unfolds.
Most of all - enjoy the year, have fun, put learning at the top of you list; and go for it
all the best