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Welcome to week 5 - where learning never stops

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Welcome to week 5 - where learning never stops
by John Wright - Sunday, 22 February 2015, 3:57 PM

Hi everyone

Well there have been sporting opportunities galore in our early weeks of this term. Congratulations to you all for all the enthusiasm, super high level of participation and of course the high quality of success and achievement attained.  Some of our young people are off to represent our school at regional events now and we wish them all the best.  Meanwhile it is on with our learning, in each and every class and this week is clearly focussed on a full week of learning.  

I will be in and around lots of classes this week... Talk to me about your learning.  How is it all going for you? What do you do that is really successful for you? And what would you like to focus on differently to lift your learning skills?

remember... Learning never stops