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Useful tools for planning your future;

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Useful tools for planning your future;
by Belinda Wallace - Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 11:18 AM

Click here to access a range of tools that will support you in planning ahead.

Here is a list of the tools that can help you

There are a range of tools that students can use to help design their future career opportunities and educators can use to help design their programmes:

Profile Builder is a tool that helps students to explore their study options. Students can see where they are heading and think about where they would like to go by inputting the achievement standards they are currently or considering studying. 

The tool can also be used to support educators when planning Vocational Pathways programmes and working with students to explore their study options. 

Occupation Outlook 2016 is useful when planning study and career options. It gives a clearer picture of possible career paths by providing education, employment, and income information on 60 key occupations in New Zealand. These 60 were chosen for their size, popularity, and potential for future growth.

CareerQuest is a tool that recommends jobs based on students’ actual interests. Students rate their interests in a range of areas on a continuum from no interest to high interest. The tool then recommends particular jobs based on this data.

Skill Matcher helps students to generate job possibilities based on the skills they enjoy or are interested in learning, shows how their skills could apply to many occupations within New Zealand, and provides them with tips on what steps to take next.

The Skills Org Vocational Pathways Tool helps you to choose your career path.

MyBlueprint NCEA credit records, diary and career planner in one easy-to-use app.